Data entry services

Any business needs to deal with data in huge volume on a daily basis. Compiling, managing, sorting and extracting information is vital for taking key decisions in a company. The data has to be entered through different mediums resulting in eating up a substantial amount of business resources. An efficient data entry system is a must for optimum customer service quality. It comes as no surprise outsourcing data entry work is a common phenomena of business houses to save key resources such as manpower time and money.

Our data entry services compromised of trained professionals have more than hundred hours of data entry experience under their belt. Our data entry solutions guarantee efficient and accurate handling of data across different platforms and industries in a time bound manner. With our expertise in data entry and proficiency in data management your business can focus on relevant business goals & challenges while your data is treated by capable hands.

HR Outsourcing

A business is the result of working with the right kind of people. Searching and hiring employees with the required skillset takes considerable time and resources. Selecting the right kind of employees amongst the heap of applications can eat up the sales and productivity of a company. Outsourcing the hiring process is a smart way to hire the correct candidates from the right talent pool.

Our HR Services manages the hiring process for your company starting from screening CV’s, scheduling interviews and hiring the right candidates. Apart from the hiring pipeline our services include retaining current employees, improving employee relationships, applying cost cutting to current work pool and creating a development plan for expanding the current force amongst several other works in a HR pipeline.

Virtual Assistant Services

Doing every mundane work using a human resource is a wastage of your employee. Automating the mundane tasks through an intelligent computer service can better manage your company’s services simultaneously improving customer services in the process. Outsourcing repeated tasks to an agency can free up your business resources to be used in the correct work requirement. We offer premium Virtual Assistant Services that manages a company’s administration, subject research, manage spreadsheets and handle data entries. Our carefully selected team offers a wide range of expertise and help on several topics for clients to get things done on time when requested.